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4000 Personnel Services

P 4110 Equal Opportunity Employment

PRF 4120 Employment Procedures

P 4121 Notice of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)

PR 4125 Notice of Arrest, Abuse Complaint, Traffic Citation

PRF 4130 Certificated Staff Contracts

PF 4131 Extra Duty and Extended Duty Contracts

P 4140 Certificated Personnel Reemployment

PR 4150 Substitute Teacher Employment

PR 4210 Transfer Request

PR 4220 Certificated Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours

PRF 4221 Support Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours

PR 4310 General Attendance

PR 4320 Personnel Leave

PRF 4321 Family and Medical Leave

PR 4322 Domestic/Sexual Violence Victim Leave

PR 4330 Holidays and Vacation

P 4335 Employee Emergency Service

PR 4410 General Professional Development

PR 4411 Professional Development Program

PR 4420 Conferences and Travel

P 4430 District Committees

PR 4440 Mentoring

PR 4505 Salary Schedules

P 4510 Benefits

PR 4515 Career Ladders 

P 4520 Salary Deductions

P 4525 Payment of Salary

PR 4530 Workers' Compensation Benefits

PR 4540 Group Insurance Benefits

P 4550 Retirement Compensation

P 4560 Teacher Post-Retirement Option

PF 4610 Certificated Personnel Performance Evaluation

P 4620 Support Staff Performance Evaluation

P 4630 Staff Conduct

P 4640 Teaching Standards

P 4645 Classroom Postings and Displays 

PR 4650 Communication with Students by Electronic Media

P 4650.1 Communication with Students by Electronic Media

PF 4700 Due Process

PF 4710 Resignation: Certificated Staff

P 4711 Resignation: Support Staff

P 4720 Suspension or Termination: Support Staff

PRF 4730 Non-renewal/Termination of Contract: Probationary Teacher

PRF 4731 Termination of Contract: Permanent Teacher

PR 4732 Termination of Contract: Administrators

PR 4740 Reduction in Force: Certificated Staff

PR 4741 Reduction in Force: Support Staff

P 4750 Administrative Leave

PR 4820 Employees with Communicable Diseases

PR 4830 Board/Staff Communications

PR 4831 Collective Bargaining

PR 4840 Conflict of Interest

PR 4850 Staff Dispute Resolution

P 4860 Personnel Records

P 4867 Lactation Accommodation 

PF 4865 Whistleblower Protection

P 4870 Drug Free Workplace

PRF 4871 Driver Drug Testing

PF 4872 Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

P 4873 Staff Cell Phone Usage

P 4880 Use of District Property

Last modified: November 2021

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