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PR 4530 Workers' Compensation Benefits

Employees who suffer an injury caused by an accident or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment ("work-related injury") will receive benefits paid by the District according to the Workers' Compensation Law of the State of Missouri ("the Law"). Employees driving District owned or subsidized vehicles are not covered by this policy when driving such District owned vehicles to or from the home or to or from the work station. Absence from duty resulting from a work-related injury will be compensated according to the Law. Employees who receive workers' compensation benefits for lost time from work due to a work-related injury are not eligible for additional sick leave or vacation benefits under this policy, except with respect to those employees whose average weekly wage as defined by the Law ("average weekly wage") exceeds the actual wage necessary to obtain the maximum total disability rate as defined by the Law ("maximum wage").

In addition to the benefits for temporary total disability allowed under the Law, an employee whose average weekly wage at the time of the work-related injury exceeds the maximum wage at the time of the work-related injury will receive in wages the difference between the employee's average weekly wage and the maximum wage during the time period such employee is entitled to temporary total disability benefits under the Law. This additional benefit provided herein does not affect an employee's wage rate for purposes of permanent disability benefits.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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