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P 4650.1 Communication with Students by Electronic Media

Employee personal communication with students, in all forms including oral and nonverbal shall be appropriate and consistent with Board policy. Personal communication shall be deemed to be inappropriate if such communication is sexual in nature; is sexually suggestive; suggests romantic activity with student or students; or is otherwise inconsistent with Board policy. Violation of this provision will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Communications between employees and students will be primarily direct, oral or written in nature. Employee's communication with students and/or teacher's electronic media must be made available to the student's parents/guardians. While the employee need not notify their building principal of the content of the electronic communication, the employee must notify the principal, in writing, of the date and time of the communication and the identity of the student with whom communication occurred. Such notification is not required where the communication is between the teacher and his/her children or siblings.

The District does not have sufficient staff to monitor every communication between employees and students and does not, therefore, commit to monitoring such communication. Nonetheless, where there is reason to believe that an employee has inappropriately communicated with a student(s) they may require the teacher to provide access to the specific communication in question.

The District will provide official electronic media which may be utilized by employees for communication with students for dissemination of school related information (i.e. homework, practice schedules, supplemental instructional material.)

Last modified: October 28, 2011

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