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All visitors are required to report in the office to obtain a visitor’s pass. Parents are welcome to visit school at any time and observe work going on in the classroom. They do not have to make prior arrangement, but are required to report in the office to obtain a visitor’s pass. Visits during the first few weeks of school and the last few weeks of school are discouraged. Visitors are asked to leave pre-school children at home or with a sitter. Visits by former students are permitted, but for one hour only. The administrator’s office must be contacted prior to such a visit and arrangements must be made to bring and pick up the visitor. Visits by pre-school children are not allowed in the classrooms. The teachers have a full work load without the added responsibility of pre-school children. The pre-school students who will be attending school here next year will be given the opportunity in the spring of the year to make a visit to the school. Please contact the administrator to arrange for a visit.

In order to minimize the potential harm to staff and students, persons listed on the sex offenders list may not be present in any school building, or on district property, in any district vehicle utilized to transport students, or be present at school activities without the written permission of the Administrator.

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