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Sexual Harassment (Form 2130.1 Sexual Harassment Prohibited Notice)

The Hudson R-IX School District is committed to an academic work environment in which all students and employees are treated with dignity and respect. Sexual harassment of students and employees whether committed by supervisors, employees or students and regardless of whether the victim is an employee or student will not be tolerated.

Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Sexual slurs, threats, verbal abuse and sexually degrading descriptions

  • Graphic verbal comments about an individual’s body

  • Sexual jokes, notes, stories, drawings, pictures or gestures

  • Spreading sexual rumors

  • Touching an individual’s body or clothes in a sexual way

  • Displaying sexually suggestive objects

  • Covering or blocking of normal movements

  • Unwelcomed sexual flirtation or propositions

  • Acts of retaliation against a person who reports sexual harassment

Inquiries, complaints or grievances from students and their parents and employees regarding sexual harassment or compliance with Title IX may be directed to the Administrator, to the District’s Title IX Coordinator or the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education, Washington, D.C. The District’s Title IX Coordinator is

Karen Warmbrodt, Principal - 15012 NE State Route 52 Appleton City MO 64724;


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