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Inappropriate Behavior

There are times when a child’s inappropriate behavior continues after techniques previously described have been utilized. When this occurs the child is placed in a thinking chair for no more than 3 minutes. In the thinking chair, the child is removed from its group activities, but remains in the same room. When the child can settle down, has thought about what negative behavior they have done, explain to the teacher what they did, and choose to go back with the class, they are transitioned back into the classroom activities. As always, the focus is on the behavior the child chose.

If a serious behavior problem is documented, the administrator will talk with the parents. Parents may also schedule a conference with the teacher or administrator. If the problem continues and the parents do not follow through with what is recommended by the district, then the administrator reserves the right to dismiss the child from the program. The administrator reserves the right to ask the child be removed from the program if they feel like a child’s behavior consistently disrupts the flow of the program, physically or emotionally harms other children, the staff and otherwise conflicts with the program rules and guidelines. Regardless of the method of behavior management, the goal of the center staff is to assist each child toward the development of self-control and positive interactions with the other children and adults.

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