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PRF 2920 Interscholastic Activities and Athletics

The District provides opportunities for students to participate in interscholastic activities and athletics. The interscholastic programs should encourage participation by as many students as possible and should be carried on with the best interests of the students as the primary consideration. The programs are expected to be well organized and well conducted and to have a positive influence on the students and the community.

Participation in interscholastic and extracurricular activities is a privilege and not a right. Interscholastic competition may be withheld from any student as a condition of discipline. Furthermore, all policies that apply to the regular school day apply also to interscholastic competition. Coaches and sponsors may establish policies for their groups in addition to those set out by the Missouri State High School Activities Association.


Student hazing is inconsistent with the educational goals of the District and poses a significant risk to the physical and mental welfare of District students. Hazing of students, on or off District property, is prohibited and may result in suspension or expulsion from school and from activity/athletic participation.

Last modified: May 13, 2009

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