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PRF 2850 Inoculations of Students

All students attending District schools are required to be in compliance with state programs mandating immunization against specific diseases. Failure to comply with District immunization requirements will result in exclusion from school until proof of compliance is provided. Parents/guardians of homeless students are encouraged to submit proof of compliance as soon as possible.

The Superintendent shall institute procedures for the maintenance of health records, which are to show the immunization status of every student enrolled or attending in the District, and for the completion of all necessary reports in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Department of Social Services-Missouri Division of Health.

Upon written request, the District will notify the parents/guardians of pre-kindergarten students whether other pre-kindergarten students are attending school with an immunization exception. The identity of students for whom an immunization exception has been filed is confidential and will not be released except as required by law.

Last modified: October 09, 2017

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