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PR 6231 Textbook Usage - Students

Textbooks on which assignments are based are to be available to each student. Under the guidance of the teacher and the rules for a particular class, a textbook should be available for the student to take home overnight or over a weekend so that the student may prepare homework assignments and so that the parents/guardians may see the textbook.

Textbooks and library books are to be treated with respect by the students, used wisely, cared for, and returned in good condition when the assignment or course is concluded. The student to whom a textbook or library book is issued will be held responsible for its return in good condition. A reasonable system of fines, penalties, or methods of repayment for a fair value of the book is to be developed. No student is to be penalized if the book is lost because of factors beyond his/her control.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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