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PR 3440 Travel and Reimbursement

It is the policy of the Board to pay reasonable travel expenses for those who travel on District business and whose trip has been approved in advance by the Superintendent/designee. These expenses include registration, transportation, meals, lodging, tolls, and parking charges. Expenses are reimbursed only when properly accounted for by an individual and approved by the Superintendent/designee.

Federal Award Programs

Travel costs, include transportation, lodging, meals, subsistence and related expenses incurred by employees who are in travel status on official business of the District. When District employees are traveling on Federal program business, automobile travel will be reimbursed at the then existing IRS mileage rate. The reasonable costs of lodging, meals and related costs will be fully reimbursed. However, such costs will be allowable only to the extent such costs do not exceed charges normally allowable by the District in its regular operations. With prior approval, commercial air travel is a covered expense, provided the air travel utilizes the least expensive, unrestricted accommodation class.

In addition, the District’s Policy and Regulation 3440 are applicable except where District policies conflict with specific Federal Award Program guidelines set out herein. In such cases, Federal Award Program guidelines control.

Last modified: January 12, 2017

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