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PR 3150 Payment Procedures

All money received by the District shall be disbursed only for the purposes for which they are levied, collected or received.

The Board will give final approval to all bills paid. Payment of bills shall be authorized by the Superintendent/designee, only after verification of delivery and satisfaction by the department or staff receiving the item(s). No payment for goods or services shall be made unless both an itemized invoice showing the name of the person or firm to whom payment is due is presented, and a receiving document bearing the signature of an authorized school employee is on file. Furthermore, the invoice must have been issued in response to an approved purchase order.

The Superintendent/designee shall audit all claims, and shall submit all invoices to the Board for approval and authorization for payment. However, payments for materials or services which are necessary for normal business operations which do not individually exceed $500 or exceed an aggregate monthly amount of $10,000 may be authorized by the Superintendent/designee. In addition, if cash discount or avoidance of financial penalty can be achieved, the Superintendent/designee is authorized to issue a check. In all such cases, the identity and amounts of such payments will be provided to the Board at the next regular meeting following payment. The Board will consider such payments and ratify the action taken.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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