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PR 3100 Financial Management

The Board will adopt a series of policies to provide direction regarding the School District's budget and financial affairs which reflect the educational philosophy of the District and provide a framework in which the District's administration can effectively operate.

The budget and finance processes will conform to all state and local requirements as set forth by the State constitution, State statutes, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education rules, and Board policies.

Good business necessitates keeping accurate, legal and understandable records of receipts and expenditures. It is also essential that procedures be followed which will help to insure that the budget adopted by the Board is effective in providing parameters for the fiscal affairs of the District.

The purpose of the District budget and financial policies will be to provide direction for a systematized procedure that maintains continuity from year to year and informs the public regarding the education and financial operations of the District.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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