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PRF 1620 Private, State and Federal Funding

Grants from outside agencies are to be related to the needs and priorities of the District in the form of program improvement. Outside funds are to be regarded as supplemental in nature, intended to enhance or augment the usual efforts toward desired goals, quality of learning, inservice education, or capital improvement. Grants may lead to research and development that will be of value to the District. All such funds will be deposited, accounted, and reported through the District's accounting office. The Board directs that the Administration keep financial and program records to document the compliance with all state and federal requirements and to corroborate program success.

All employees of the School District who plan to apply to an outside agency (private, corporate, or governmental) for grants or other types of funds for District use must clear the request with the Superintendent of Schools or designee before preparing an application. The application must then be approved by the Board of Education before submission to the source of funding.

Grants cannot be requested that would require District expenditures not budgeted in the current fiscal year. District funds may not be obligated in advance for future years by the terms of a grant without prior Board approval.

If a grant requires participation by children in experimental types of instruction, written permission of parents must be secured.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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