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Policy on Tutoring

Tutoring of Hudson R-IX students may be conducted in the following ways:

  • The parents shall contact a person to provide tutoring for their child(ren). The parents must pay for this tutoring at their own expense.

  • The parents may request school-paid tutoring for their child(ren). This request must be submitted to the Alternate Strategies Committee and the child's records will be reviewed and evaluated by the committee. A majority vote of the committee will determine the amount, if any, of tutorial time. A teacher can also request this tutoring and their request must be submitted in the same manner as stated above.

  • The Screening Committee for special education may consider tutoring as a part of a child's I.E.P. In such a case, the Alternative Strategies Committee will submit this to the Board of Education, based on the review and evaluation of the Screening Committee. If tutoring is considered a recommendation rather than a requirement, each case will be handled in the same manner as other cases brought before the Alternate Strategies Committee.

If tutoring is to be done through school financing, it must be approved by the Board of Education as an expenditure. That expenditure must meet all of the criteria as stated by the state and federal guidelines. Furthermore, if the school district is paying for a student's tutoring and the student is in jeopardy of being retained, the student's remedial attendance hours may be reported to the state at the administrator's discretion.

The current rate of tutoring is $20.00 per hour.

Approved on 6/12/06 by the Hudson R-IX Board of Education.

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