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4710 Resignation: Certificated Staff

Certificated employees who for any reason intend to retire or resign at the end of the current school year are encouraged to indicate their plans in writing to the Board as early as possible, but no later than June 1.

Resignations to become effective during the school year require a release by the Board and must be considered on an individual basis. Letters of resignation shall be submitted to the Superintendent/designee and the principal/supervisor. The letter should state reasons and an effective date for the resignation.

It is the practice of the administration to recommend to the Board those certificated employees who request to resign after June 1 and prior to July 31 be released from their contracts when there is good cause determined by the Board. After July 31, a certificated employee may petition the Superintendent to recommend a release from his/her contract for extremely unusual reasons. Should the Superintendent decline to recommend a release and the certificated employee leaves the District, the District reserves the right to pursue any and all legal options available to it.

Adopted by Board 8/16/12 - Penalty for Release

Upon written request for release from contract the Board may make the release conditional upon payment of penalty. The maximum amount of the penalty would be determined according to the following schedule:

May 20-May 31: 2.5% of salary

June 1-June 30: 5% of salary

July 1-July 31: 10% of salary

After July 31: 15% of salary

Last modified: August 16, 2012

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