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PF 0440 Notification of Board Meetings

Notice of meetings of the Board of Education, including committees of the Board as provided in Policy 0360 - Board Committees, will be given in a manner to reasonably inform the public of the matters to be considered by the Board.

Notice of the time, date, and place of the meeting as well as the tentative agenda will be provided at least twenty-four (24) hours, exclusive of holidays and weekends, prior to the meeting unless for good cause it is impossible or impractical to provide such notice. In such instances, the nature of the impossibility or impracticality will be stated in the minutes. In order to maximize public participation, notice of Board meetings will be posted in each District school and at the District's administrative offices. Upon request, members of the media will be provided with notice of the meeting at the same time notice is provided to members of the Board. Meetings will be scheduled at a location reasonably accessible to the public in a room of sufficient size to accommodate the anticipated attendance by the public.

Where meetings are conducted by telephone or other electronic means, written notice of such meetings will include the specific mode by which the meetings will be conducted and the location where the public may attend such electronic meetings. If a meeting is conducted through the Internet or other computer link, notice of such meeting will be posted on an existing District web site.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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