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P 7300 Site/Facilities Retirement

Certain school buildings may no longer be adequate for instructional purposes and should be used to benefit the School District or public in other ways. In determining when a facility is to be retired from regular school purposes, the Board will be guided by a combination of factors, to include:

  • Review of the in-depth demographic studies and population groupings.

  • Age and current physical condition of the building, its operating systems and program facilities.

  • Adequacy of site, location, accessibility, surrounding development, traffic patterns, and other environmental conditions.

  • Reassignment of children, including alternative plans, according to Board policy.

  • Transportation factors including number of children bused, time, distance and safety.

  • Alternate uses of the building.

  • Costs/savings

  • Personnel

  • Plant operation

  • Transportation

  • Capital investment

  • Alternate use

If the Board determines to close a school, it will first consider other uses that the School District might make of the building; then it will consider its sale. Sale or lease of any District facility will be conducted as set forth in Regulation 3380 - Sale/Lease of Real Property.

The historic value of any building will also be considered by the Board. It may take special action to provide for a building's preservation.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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