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P 6420 Test Security

All standardized testing materials shall be stored, distributed and collected according to procedures that insure the security and authorized access to test booklets. The Superintendent shall designate a District test coordinator who will direct the administration and security procedures for each testing site.

Teacher Responsibilities for Test Administration

Prior to the administration of any District or State standardized test, the principal/designee will review with the teachers the testing guidelines that they and the students are to follow. The principal/designee shall distribute this policy and any other testing guidelines to all teachers, require them to sign and return one copy and keep a copy for their files.

The guidelines listed below are examples; others may be provided by the principal/designee.

  • Teachers are not to review the test questions or content prior to its being given to the students.

  • Teachers are not to give any assistance to the students during the administration of the test.

  • Teachers are to review only the purpose of the test, the directions, the time restraints and what the students are to do upon completion of the test.

Violation of these and other administrative testing guidelines by the teacher may result in disciplinary action against the teacher, up to and including termination.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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