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P 5630 Bus Routes and Schedules

The administration will prepare and monitor District bus routes and schedules. The Board will initially approve all bus routes no later than October 31 of each school year; the final bus routes must be approved by June 30 of each school year. Buses will be routed with student safety, efficiency and economy as the controlling factors.

Addendum to Transportation Policy - Sept. 8, 2003

Transportation will be provided for district students attending Hudson R-IX from the student's primary dwelling driveway, unless it is considered to be unsafe. Transportation will be provided to one designated high school of the district's choosing. Transportation will be provided for students assigned by Hudson R-IX to attend another school of the district's choosing.

Addendum to Transportation Policy - September 12, 2005

Hudson R-IX will transport Appleton City students and drop them off at their assigned stops, as long as we do not deviate from the Hudson R-IX bus routes.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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