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P 5420 Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials

All School District instructional materials and equipment, including media materials and equipment, will be classified and catalogued. All textbooks purchased by the District are school property and will bear identification of School District ownership. Obsolete materials and worn out equipment will be replaced on a regular basis.

Textbooks will be made available to all students in sufficient quantity and at appropriate levels, enabling teachers to meet both the planned curriculum sequence and the special instructional needs of the students.

Principals are responsible for textbooks assigned to teachers, and for instituting an inventory of all books at the end of the school year. Each teacher shall keep an accurate record of books issued to students. Students will be held responsible for the proper care of all schoolbooks, supplies, apparatus and furniture supplied to them by the Board of Education. Any student who defaces or damages school property shall be required to pay for all damages. Any student who loses school property shall be required to pay for its replacement.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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