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P 5310 Purchasing Furniture and Equipment

The Superintendent/designee shall develop a standardized furniture and equipment list for each type of facility in the School District. Furniture or equipment needed in addition to the standardized list requires specific approval of the Superintendent/designee prior to bidding or purchase.

Furniture and equipment shall be purchased in accordance with the policies governing bidding requirements and purchasing procedures of the Board of Education.

The Board may purchase apparatus, equipment and furnishings for its schools and operations by entering into lease/purchase agreements with vendors. Any agreement which may result in District ownership of the leased object must contain a provision which allows the District an option to terminate the agreement on at least an annual basis without penalty. All expenditures related to lease/purchase agreements shall be considered expenditures for capital outlay and shall be paid pursuant to the provisions of section 165.011, RSMo., Budget and Current Financing.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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