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P 3180 Procurement of Professional Services

The Board of Education and the Administrators recognize that some professional services are necessary on certain occasions to assist in the governance of the District. These services include attorneys to provide legal counsel with specific expertise regarding education policy matters, architects, certified public accountants to annually audit the financial statements of the District and to provide answers to questions that arise during the course of the fiscal year. Similarly, it may be necessary to obtain financial advisory services to monitor the long range debt objectives of the District, as well as, bond counsel to address questions that arise with existing debt and various reports occasionally sought by the Missouri State Auditor and the United States Treasury branch of Internal Revenue Service and others.

While in some instances it may be possible to seek bids for the financial services and bond counsel each time a need arises, there are also numerous benefits to maintaining longer term relationships with specific professionals. Having a satisfactory relationship with a professional service provider includes fair pricing, timely delivery, dependable and sound advice concerning areas of expertise, a personality match with administrators and board members and numerous other factors. As long as the board members and administrators are comfortable with the quality of services provided, it is not essential that annual bidding occur merely to drive prices to their lowest level. By losing historical memory of any professional service provider, the District may in the long run incur more expense for the new firm to educate their representatives. On other occasions if the administrator expresses belief that service quality is slipping, expenses and fees are escalating at unacceptable levels, or any other non favorable working situation is developing, nothing in this policy is intended to preclude seeking proposals from other vendors offering similar services. The Board of Education and Administration believes that the collective expertise within the District is sufficient to judge if and when seeking alternative providers is prudent.

Last modified: July 10, 2012

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