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P 3130 State and Federal Projects

With Board of Education approval, the School District may operate various specially funded programs that must be administered in accordance with particular federal and/or state laws, regulations and other conditions for use of such funds.

The Superintendent shall be the designated District official responsible for coordinating funded projects, administering programs and ensuring that the various departments operating these programs do so within the guidelines of the particular program. The administration shall keep accurate and separate records, as required by state and federal programs, to enable the District to verify program compliance and success. The Superintendent shall keep the Board fully informed.

Staff involvement will be solicited by the administration in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs authorized and approved within the guidelines of Title I of the Improving American Schools Act of 1994 and/or other significant legislative enactments. The vehicle for such involvement shall be determined by the administration, with the approval of the Board of Education.

Last modified: January 01, 2003

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