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P 2740 Student Safety

The District places a high priority on the safety of its students and employees. When a student or employee is the victim of a violent criminal offense, severe disciplinary consequences will be imposed. (See also Regulation 2610 - Behavioral Expectations.) In addition and pursuant to the Every Student Succeeds Act, student victims of a violent criminal offense that was committed on school premises will be offered transfer to another District school. To insure awareness of this policy, the parents of student victims will be notified in writing of their right to a school transfer.

For purposes of this policy, a victim is a student who has suffered personal injury or injuries to his or her property as a direct result of a violent criminal offense. This definition does not include bystanders or witnesses to the act unless they suffered personal or property injury as a direct result of a violent criminal offense while on school premises.

The District will notify the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) of all violent criminal offenses committed on school premises when the victim is a student or employee. Reportable offenses are set out in Regulation 2740.

Last modified: January 05, 2018

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