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P 2651 Student Dress

The Board of Education expects student dress and grooming to be neat, clean and in keeping with community standards, so that each student may share in promoting a positive, healthy and safe atmosphere within the School District. This expectation includes the school day and school sponsored extracurricular activities. The Board may require students to wear a school uniform.

Students shall observe modes of dress and standards of personal grooming that are in conformity with the educational environment and necessary to maintain an orderly and safe atmosphere for all students. Apparel is expected to conform to reasonable student standards of modesty, and as such, no excessive or inappropriate areas of skin or undergarments may be exposed. No apparel or grooming which presents a safety concern is permitted. No apparel displaying messages that are gang-related, sexually explicit, vulgar, violent, or advocating illegal activities is permitted. Further, no clothing or personal grooming that disrupts, or can be forecasted to disrupt, the educational environment is permitted.

Dress Code

The Board of Education and the Administration feel the responsibility of student dress is the duty of the parents.

Because appearance is so important in making friends, getting a job, and in all human relationships involved in daily living, students should dress in a manner becoming a student: neat, clean, and not varying greatly from the styles of the time.

Shorts of reasonable length will be permitted in the school from April 15 until October 15. The Administrator may extend the year limits if the weather is unusually hot and humid. Parents and students are expected to cooperate with school officials and use reasonable judgment in determining what is appropriate for the classroom. Any manner of dress which might cause commotion in the classroom will be considered unsuitable.

Last modified: August 16, 2010

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