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P 2290 Denial of Admission and Student Withdrawal from School

Denial of Admission

A student who is conditionally enrolled pending a Waiver of the Proof of Residency Requirement hearing may be denied admission and barred from attending school after denial of the student’s waiver request as provided in Regulation 2230 and state law.

A student may be denied admission based upon a previous disciplinary expulsion that would result in expulsion in the District or criminal conduct as provide in Policy and Regulation 2664 and state law.

A nonresident student who is not otherwise entitle to a free public education in the District, may be denied admission for any nondiscriminatory reason in accordance with District policies, regulations and rules and state and federal law.

Administrative Removal of Student from Enrollment Not Resulting from Student Disciplinary Action

Upon information that calls into question a student’s entitlement to a free public education in the District, the Superintendent/Designee will attempt to contact the student’s parent(s) or guardian and give him/her the opportunity to respond. If the Superintendent/Designee determines after this communication or attempted communication that the student is not entitled to a free public education in the District, the Superintendent/Designee will provide written notification of this determination to the parent(s)/guardian and will notify the parent(s)/guardian of the right to appeal this determination to the Board of Education. The student will not be removed from the District’s enrollment and barred from school attendance until after the time period to appeal to the Board has expired or if the Superintendent/Designee’s Determination is appealed, the Board has upheld the Superintendent/Designee’s determination.

Voluntary Student Withdrawal

Students who voluntarily withdraw from school for any reason are required to notify the building principal and provide a specific reason for withdrawal.

Each building principal will submit a monthly report to the Superintendent concerning the identity and reason of each student withdrawing from school.

Requests to Transfer Student’s Records to Another Public, Private or Charter School

Building principals will respond within five (5) business days to requests by other schools for the records of students transferring from District schools. Records transferred pursuant to such requests will include the written notification of criminal charges/adjudications by law enforcement officials for criminal acts listed in Regulation 2673.

Last modified: July 12, 2014

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