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Field Trips (Policy 5660)

Field trips are designed for school age children for educational purposes. Therefore, the participation of children who do not attend Hudson R-IX grades kindergarten through eighth is strongly discouraged. Further, children who are not currently enrolled in Hudson R-IX grades K-8th may not ride the bus to and from the field trip activity. Thank you for understanding all that goes in to these trips. Please help make them about your school age child, not younger siblings.

Students participating in field trips should travel with the school group to and from the event. If the group returns early, it is best to leave the student in school to experience follow-up activities relating to the field trip. In addition, the district is paid by the state based on students’ attendance hours.

Field trips are a privilege. If a student has repetitive unacceptable behavior, the student may not be allowed to participate. The student and parent will be warned before this happens.

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