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The Board recognizes the fact that standards are important for the maintenance of an atmosphere where orderly learning is possible and encouraged.

The Board of Education recognizes that acceptable behavior is essential to the development of responsible and self-disciplined citizens and in promoting an effective instructional program in the district’s school. Acceptable behavior is based on respect for one’s self and for the worth and human dignity of others. The development of such behavior in students is a dual function of the home and of the school.

In order to fulfill the responsibility of the school, it is necessary that each learning activity contribute positively to the creation and maintenance of a climate that is conducive to learning. Standards of student conduct are established by the Hudson Board of Education to create an environment in which each student’s right to learn is protected.

Students are expected to: (1) attend school punctually and regularly; (2) to obey all the rules and regulations; (3) to obey all directions and requests of teachers; (4) to observe good order and courteous manner; (5) to be diligent in study; (6) to be clean and tidy in person and attire; (7) to be courteous to schoolmates; (8) to refrain from the use of profane or improper language; (9) to refrain from the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcoholic beverages while on school premises or under school supervision and; (10) to refrain from bringing any type of weapon, (guns and knives in particular), onto school property or to any school activity.

Students and parents/guardians will be notified of rights and responsibilities, including standards of conduct, through handbooks distributed and approved by the Board annually.

All district personnel responsible for the care and supervision of students, aides and bus drivers included, are authorized to hold every pupil strictly accountable for any disorderly conduct in school or on any property of the school, on any school bus going to or returning from school, or during any school-sponsored activity.

Listed are some disciplinary violations. These do not necessarily cover all violations which might occur, but are presented as examples. Also listed are disciplinary actions that may be taken by the administration as well as the disciplinary penalties that may be given for the various violations.

VIOLATIONS (alphabetically and not by severity)



Assault (more severe than fighting)



Defiance of Authority

Disruptive Behavior

Drugs (possession of or sale)


Failure to follow bus rules


Firearms/Weapons (possession)


Improper Display of Affection

Improper Language-Threatening

Improper Language-Vulgar/Disruptive

Inappropriate Apparel

Inappropriate Sexual Conduct


Tobacco (use or possession)



NOTE: Any incident considered a violation, as determined by the school administrator, could result in disciplinary action. Violations of school policy and/or state/federal laws are not necessarily covered in the violation list and are not limited to the list.

DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS (alphabetically and not by priority)

Administrative Action [AA]

Administrator/Parent Conference [ADP] (Student may be present)

Administrator/Student Conference [ADST]

Assignments by Teacher [TSGN]

Board of Education Action [BEA]

Confiscation of Items [CONF] (may be returned at parent’s request-weapons/drugs will be Turned over to the authorities

Contact Civil Authorities [CVA]

Corporal Punishment [CP] (in accordance with local board policy and state statutes)

Detention [DET]

Expulsion from School [EXP] (mandatory 1 yr for weapons)

In-School Suspension [ISS]

Loss of Riding Privileges [LRP]

Paying the Cost of Damages [PYMT]

Phone Conference with Parent [PC]

Segregated from Other Students [SEG]

Sent Home for Suitable Apparel [HOME]

Suspension of Extra-Curricular Privileges [SXP]

Suspension from School [OSS] (according to state statute)

Teacher/Student Conference [TSC]

Teacher/Parent Conference [TPC]

Warning [WARN]

Written or Oral Apology [WRIT]

NOTE: Disciplinary actions do not have to be limited to the above violations. Disciplinary actions do not have to follow a set order. Corporal punishment may be substituted for any infractions of discipline at the discretion of the parents and administrator.

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