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Bus Rules

Hudson R-IX contracts the services of two buses through Apple Bus Company. Buses will no longer travel down private lanes due to the liability concerns of Apple Bus. The bus driver is interested in your safety and welfare. You are expected to cooperate by observing the following: *Due to COVID, students will have assigned seats and family will be seated together.  Masks are MANDATORY while on the bus.  

  • Wait until the bus stops before moving toward it.

  • Notify the driver ahead of time if you are not going to ride on a given day.

  • Be at the bus stop on time so there will be no delay.

  • Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion.

  • Wait until the bus stops before getting up to leave.

  • The bus driver has the authority to request removal of students from the bus when they are endangering safety to themselves and others by distracting the driver with improper conduct. The period of suggested riding loss is listed in the disciplinary penalties.

  • Take pride in your bus. Help keep it neat and clean.

  • No food or drink should be consumed while on the bus.

  • Keep your body inside the bus at all times.

  • The rear door is for emergency use only. Do not open it unless there is an emergency or the driver orders it.

  • Upon exiting the bus, a student who must cross the road should cross in front of the bus, not behind it.

  • In case of student misconduct sufficient to warrant action, the driver has the authority to:

  • Assign a student a specific seat.

  • Write up a disciplinary report on the student and submit it to the office. In cooperation with the administrator, disciplinary action will be taken.

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